Foundations – Babies (0-14 mths)

Kindermusik with Caroline Cleveland Brisbane - Music classes for Babies Toddlers and Kids with Early Childhood Development Components

What is included in the $66/month?

  • 45 minute classes
  • 12 children/class
  • 36 classes/year
  • Educator assistance
  • 9 @Home units

*one free trial per child.

Our baby music classes are full of singing, vocal play, object exploration, instruments and creative movement.

Encouraging your baby’s learning through movement patterns. We help to settle, socialise and encourage musical awareness. Active engagement with every song rhyme guides babies to recognise changes in music and fall in love with learning. A special time to bond and grow together with your little one.

Kindermusik baby music classes are truly the essence of “quality time”, a place to create special memories. Your educator will teach you “what-to-watch-for” and how each activity enhances your child’s development. Become a part of our Kindermusik community, meet our like-minded mums and join our classes filled with fun and learning.

How will my baby grow with Kindermusik?

Young babies are responsive and receptive learners. With you there to nurture and engage your child, a Kindermusik baby music class gives your little one the perfect musical and developmental head start.

  • Language and Vocal Development
    – You’ll hear lots of sweet gurgles and coos before your baby says her first words, and Kindermusik activities nurture your baby’s emerging language skills. He or she will learn to imitate sounds, experience give-and-take conversations, and add to his communicative abilities through sign language.
  • Brain Development
    – Your baby is learning through moving—and being moved—through space. With every movement, baby’s brain synapses, the connections between neurons, are being created and strengthened. Growing minds present a big window of learning opportunity—and shaking an instrument, feeling a steady beat, looking into a mirror during tummy time, discovering new sounds, and zooming around the room in your arms all contribute to the strengthening of neural connections.
  • Large Muscle Skills
    –One thing will naturally lead to the next as you expand your baby’s movement repertoire through music activities that support stretching, kicking, rolling, and crawling, as well as sitting and standing independently.
  • Small Muscle Skills
    – From discovering her hands to learning what her hands can do, your baby will thrive on playful activities that give her practice in visually following objects, reaching for and grasping an object, releasing an object, and transferring an object from hand-to-hand.
  • Social-Emotional Development
    –Through lots of cuddling, playing, humming, and dancing, Kindermusik activities help you build and strengthen your new relationship with your baby. Side-by-side play, and group dance activities with other parents and babies in class, provide the important benefits of safe and loving early interactions with the wider social world.
  • Musical Development
    – You’ll bounce your baby to a steady beat. Maybe she’ll do a fledgling “bouncy dance” on her own. Together you’ll explore simple, baby-safe percussion instruments. Throughout hundreds of different Kindermusik music-and-movement activities, you’ll be giving your baby an early introduction to the songs, sounds, rhythms, and tempos of music from around the world.