Kindermusik @Home

Kindermusik with Caroline Cleveland Brisbane - Music classes for Babies Toddlers and Kids with Early Childhood Development Components

Kindermusik is a 2 layer activity designed for you to make the most of your music experience. Attending classes each week and repeating and playing with music in your home environments is essential to generating and continuing the education we aim to provide for your families.

Here is the out line to get set up if you are yet to do so.

Please contact me via email if your current unit is not yet available to you.

Directions to Access your Kindermusik@Home

Registering at – It’s easy and takes less than a minute and provides access on computers, mobile devices, and tablets. When you receive the email from Kindermusik:

  1. Click on the link to
  2. Select “New User.”
  3. Enter name and email address, using the same email address as on the email received from Kindermusik.
  4. Set a password and security questions.
  5. Click on “Create Account” then “Log in!”

Enjoy! Kindermusik@Home is easy for you.

Making @Home an icon on your phone/tablet

Step 1
• Open browser (Safari shown on Apple hardware)
• Login to
• Tap the “Share” icon.
Step 2
• Select “Add to Home Screen”
Step 3
• Name your Icon
Step 4
• Click on icon on your home screen and have fun!